Wedding Playlist Template Feb 2012

by Helen Lee on February 28, 2012

We’re gathering together a selection of playlists from experienced, professional DJs to find out what they’re playing at the moment, and also help out others who might be needing some inspiration and guidance for their own sets!

This playlist comes from DJ Mark Weller. Mark’s an experienced full time DJ having worked in the industry for many years and owner of Ocsid Entertainment, as well as being the National Co-ordinator for the National Association of DJs.


This music playlist is intended as a general guide and will always change and develop dependent upon a large number of influential factors and the general response of dancers and guests to specific music genres. This track listing is only intended as a guide to what is known to work and is based upon a high level of experience of entertaining at family occasions.

At wedding celebrations the bride and groom’s suggested playlist will be integrated into these sets at appropriate points and may replace some songs where appropriate. A professional “party” DJ with a conscientious attitude will re-evaluate any playlist as the evening progresses, the music will follow a flowing pattern with groups of song played together to ensure that the dance floor stays full and enjoyment levels are therefore maximised.

A party DJ’s primary function is to ensure that the dance floor remains full for the duration of this part of the celebration and therefore his professional judgement based on his experience must be exercised when considering tracks and requests for inclusion. A party DJ is not a jukebox and if requested tracks are considered to be floor clearers then they will generally be avoided or included at appropriate times when a full dance floor is not required such as early evening or during a buffet, dance floor clearers that are “must plays” can be skilfully used to advantage when a change in mood is due such as between a fast set of dance songs followed by a slow smoochy set.

Approximately 4 hours of party music guaranteed to fill a dance floor on occasions where all ages are present

We hope you find that helpful and that there’s some inspirational ideas in this post, and thank you to Mark Weller for taking the time to submit this and share his years of dance floor knowledge with us!

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