Using Candy Cube Visuals with Virtual DJ

by Helen Lee on January 11, 2013

Original article by Phil Bearman, creator of the Candy Cube visuals range which are now all available via the new Mastermix website!

Candy Cube Visuals provide a perfect fallback for Video DJs whenever they’re playing a track which doesn’t have an associated music video – for example upfront tracks or older songs dating back to the time before music videos were born!

It’s very easy to set up Virtual DJ to ‘fall back’ on a set of background videos whenever you play a track which doesn’t have a music video.

VirtualDJ Config menu:

VirtualDJ Config Menu

All you need to do is go to the Config menu and tick the“Use this plugin for audio-only files:” box, and select“ClipBank” from the drop-down menu.

Next, go to the “Effects” tab, select ClipBank from the list of effects, and drag and drop each of the videos you want to play in the background onto the ClipBank.

Now when you mix from a music video into an audio-only track, the ClipBank clips will be automatically played, and the selected transition will be used to mix between the music video and the clipbank.

VirtualDJ ClipBank effect

If you right-click on a video in the ClipBank there is an option called “BPM-Sync”, although I’m not sure what this is supposed to do – it doesn’t seem to sync the Club Candy videos to the music (I’ve sent VirtualDJ an email asking about this, so will let you know if I find out!).

The ClipBank is also ideal for playing the video clips in my VDJ Toolkit product.

The only problem is that the ClipBank only has 12 slots for clips (VDJ Toolkit contains 120 clips!). Apparently you can work around this by using multiple instances of the Clipbank effect, but this isn’t ideal, and there is a neater solution.

It involves using a commercial effect for VirtualDJ called Essential Media, produced by Pangolin.  It works in a similar way to ClipBank but provides you with 48 different slots and allows you to play a wide range of media including Flash animations (SWF files).  It also claims to have extremely smooth playback.  The only downside is that it costs $60 USD, but you can download a free demo version through the VirtualDJ website to try it out before buying.

VirtualDJ Essential Media plugin

Once you’ve installed Essential Media you just need to select it as the no-audio plugin within the Config menu (instead of ClipBank).

Essential Media also allows you to load and save banks of videos, meaning you can have unlimited clips at your fingertips.  For example, you might have a bank for Club Candy, and banks for each of the VDJ Toolkit styles.

If you are using the VDJ Toolkit clips, it would be best to set all of the messages to Loop (right-click on the video for the menu) so that the selected message doesn’t just play once and stop.

Hopefully now that video is becoming such an important part of DJing, VirtualDJ will improve the default ClipBank in the near future to allow for a lot more clips to be loaded, and maybe even auto-syncing ClipBank videos (such as Club Candy TV) to the music!

Many thanks to Phil Bearman for writing this informative blog!

To browse the whole range of Candy Cube visuals click here

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